Custom Bicycle, Component and Accessory Painting in Portland, Oregon

More detail pics from the Bianchi Re-Paint…

"Custom" bikes are fun and all, but they tend to be boring and not very challenging. 

Re-paints however, are what make me excited to paint!  If the customer is open to anything and will let me design them a paint scheme, I always pull out all the stops… For example, here is a re-painted Bianchi.  The client and I worked the scheme out over a couple of months and I have to admit, I think it came out F’ing baller!

It is my hope that by doing projects like this, I will convince more people to go for the paint schemes that they’ve always wanted.

What’s not to like about Molteni Orange, white panel and World Cup stripes?

Great looking tour/rando from Perieira Cycles…  Spoke holder FTW!

A nice coupled, off white, cross/tour frame set from Ira Ryan.  

Definitely enjoying the DT logo and banding on the stays.

Ira Ryan Cycles -

Hands covered by gloves.  Gloves covered by paint. Bicycles covered by paint.  

Crusher in the Tushar!!!!!!

Another top-notch project from Tonic Fabrication that I recently painted. 

Check the full write-up at Tonic’s site….

Is there anything that Tony can’t make by hand?!?!

… and here is the red!

I mean, who doesn’t want an all steel fendered road bike?  This frame set is definitely on my “want” list…

Signal Cycles is back again with another of their “production bikes”.  By production, I mean completely hand made to fit your size with stock in-house geometry.  Not really production at all in my humble opinion.

They offer the frame in two colors - blue and red.  Here’s the very excellent blue…

Plain and simple - Ira Ryan makes quality bicycles.  The aesthetics are on point, the construction quality is top notch and the intention of each project is well executed.  

Ira’s site is definitely worth checking out -

Expect to see more from this prolific Portland base frame builder and Studio 112 in the near future…